All About Showers

7 easy tips to shower better

September 1, 2015

7 easy tips to shower betterEveryone knows how to shower. Pretty clear-cut, right? Step in under the water, soap and rinse, step out, and towel dry, maybe even hum a tune off-key while at it. Even the 3 minute rush-ins are delightful, but have you ever given a thought to how to make a good shower better?

Use a filtered showerhead

When you are careful about the water you drink and actively avoid drinking chlorinated water, why would you choose to shower with less than clean water. To ensure you use the cleanest water possible to shower, use a filtered showerhead, which is a tad expensive than the normal ones but definitely worth the price difference.

Keep your bathroom spic & span and accessorized

Ambience is important even if you spend most of your shower time eyes closed, under a continuous torrent of steaming water. A sparkling clean, mold-free bathroom with a tidy shower curtain and the necessary toiletries neatly arranged makes for an inviting space – a place for cleansing your body as well as mind after a hard day’s work. It makes for a relaxing atmosphere.

Set the temperature right

Hot showers are blissful, divine, absolutely an out of body experience especially after a long day at work. But, desist from turning the shower knob to the extreme right or left; keeping the water temperature moderate – lukewarm is the ideal way to shower. Hot water dries your skin faster than soaps would. Speaking of….

Avoid using soaps and chemical products

Soaps made of chemicals are harmful for your skin. Choose chemical-free products that contain ingredients that moisturize and rejuvenates your skin.

Crank up the Music

Or set it to a soothing croon, but if music is even remotely your thing, try including it in your showering experience. A combination of water and music therapy for a tired body is akin to achieving nirvana.

Keep it Short

Ever heard of this before – too much of anything is not good for you. It applies to heavenly showers as well. Long showers tend to shrivel your skin, not to mention all the essential oils that the skin looses the longer it is exposed to water.

Scrub the Scrubber

Using a scrubber or a loofah in the shower is a great way to exfoliate your skin, provided, you do it gently. Keep your loofah clean by rinsing it off soap regularly and drying it completely between uses to avoid it gathering bacteria and other germs. Make sure to replace the loofah every month. A fresh washcloth everyday can also be used but take care not to use it on your face.

Have you noticed that showers feel incredibly good when you are bone-tired, dirty, and longing for it? If you truly want to enhance the showering experience, have a full day– running, working, laughing, rolling in the dirt if need be, living to your heart’s content and then step under the shower at the end of a long day with a smile on your face and feel your spirits lift.